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Artist Bio

Aden Wilke is an illustrator from North Carolina, but grew up living all across the East Coast.  A former high school art teacher, they graduated from the University of North Carolina with a BFA in Arts Education and a minor in History, both of which influence their art style and art direction. When the opportunity arose, they moved to Georgia to pursue an MFA in Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design with the long-term goals of using their growth and skillset to work on YA historical graphic novels, educational materials and building up their identity as a valuable artist.

During their work at SCAD, Aden has explored the depths of LGBT history and identity in their works along with a deeper personal interest in 19th century cultures, histories and mythologies, which has grown to reflect in their art pieces and writing. Their current thesis involves a further insight into the divide of humanity versus monsters and gods, specifically in relation to LGBT folks of the time. Outside of school, they continue to work on learning the production side of stationery at Notepads Your Way and interning at non-profits that focus on children and education, which currently is Aeon for Ocean.

Aden will finish their thesis in August 2019 alongside working on building up their small business and identity at Little Thieves.

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